"Super Black Friday Sweep captures the consumerist frenzy with a trolley and a punch button." - PC GAMER

"a game about the constant struggle for great deals. Grab the red-price items for the best value! Beat down other customers who have the things you want! Accrue so much credit card debt it will take you seventeen years just to pay for these few moments of consumer bliss!" - IndieGames.com

"Experience the Horror of Black Friday With This 'First Person Shopper' Game" - Motherboard, Vice

The object is to save vast sums of money by spending even vaster sums. Smack the other shoppers out of your way and fill up your trolley with luxury goods in order to rack up the biggest credit card bill you can.

More screen shots and info here!

I made a trailer here

And you can play the full thing (for free, no sign ups) here as well

Hope you like it! And if you really like it and want to see more a donation would make my day. THANKS!

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Thanks very much!

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Wow!!! So coolll.

You can add more "black friday special" mark in the "Mall".

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